Why and what makes us vegan?


At House of Ava, we're committed to being 100% cruelty free and vegan.

Why have we chosen to be vegan?

We don’t believe in harming defenceless animals or creatures to create beautiful adornments. We take great pride in being the voice for the voiceless. In a world where many beautiful things are created for our happiness, wouldn't it be nice to wear something that doesn't have any negative karma attached to it, to feel clean knowing you're helping your environment and world advance to a higher energy societal being? House of Ava endeavours to step towards advancement, making it easier to add positive karma pieces into your jewellery wardrobe and making your day that much more of a special one.

So what about our jewellery?

In our jewellery, we do not include any leather components or real pearls. Pearls are produced as a defence mechanism by oysters when they are put under stress and irritation from human intervention. The pearls are removed by prying open the shells meaning most oysters do not survive. Where we use pearls in our designs, we search for faux pearls which look exactly like the real thing minus the cruelty and suffering on defenceless creatures.

Our packaging is free of all animal derivatives; we use paper, fabric and faux animal patterns and prints to create our packaging but never any animal hide.

Your time to shine

Ultimately, we want to give our clients an option to shop guilt free; feeling great about your purchases and proud of where they have come from, so you can enjoy your pieces and feel free to show them off.