The Superstar collection has been inspired by each and every individual’s superstar power. Being a part of the universe means we are the universe and are all connected. It is important we all work and align to the greater good. Each piece from the Superstar collection is a reminder of how we can tap in to our superstar power.


We are all superstars in our own right, on our own journey whether we’re here for one purpose or many purposes. There is and will be no other you.


The Superstar collection is all about realising your full potential. It is perfect for reminding you of the superstar power in you; helping you realise what you want to achieve and recognise the greatness you have already achieved.


You may notice, in some pieces, there is a subtle recurring theme of a cluster of three stars. The designer strongly believes three to be a lucky number.

White Sapphires worn for good fortune, spiritual insight, power, strength, kindness and wise judgement.

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Superstar Starlight Bracelet

Superstar Starlight Bracelet 18ct gold vermeil on 925 sterling silver white sapphires.