House of Ava: The Muse

Ahead of working on and creating mesmerising pieces, the House of Ava design team is enveloped by thought, we are inspired, we dream, we have muses, many muses. Our muses may be those around us, their lifestyles, our own lifestyles; travel experiences - near or far. We take our inspiration from architecture, fashion, nature, tiles, rugs, intricately woven carpets, interesting people, scents that transport us to another realm, books that we can't put down, sets at theatre shows that would have had us in awe. We love the modern and appreciate the traditional muses we come across too. We quite literally stop and smell the coffee all around us.

All it takes is one thing to really capture our attention and we take it and breathe life into our metal; our work, with one aim; to create the most beautiful works of art and to carry you to a special moment. With our mood board laid out in front of us, we sketch our ideas and they are played with to create something truly unique. The pieces are put through their paces to ensure they have the right weight, balance, security and finish to deserve the House of Ava emblem.

We're always asked how we come up with names for our collections; without sounding like we're away with the fairies, the collections really do name themselves. The brand is inherently British, woven with a colourful and deep Indian heritage and the muses are subtly evident in all our collections.

House of Ava draws its inspiration from the beauty of the world and the positive energy that is around, to be wrapped into little parcels of sparkling joy, that we know will be cherished for years to come.