Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to 2019: The year of the pig

Today Chinese New Year is a fresh start for everyone everywhere: an opportunity to leave the old and bring in the new.

So you’re a pig...

In the Chinese astrology chart, the pig is said to be optimistic and fun-loving, however possibly a bit too lazy and stubborn-but hey, we can’t all be perfect!

Fun Fact:

According to one traditional Chinese myth, the Pig is the 12th animal, the last in the animal cycle of the Chinese astrology chart because he overslept for the Emperors party.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

The year of the pig is predicted to be a time full of wealth, joy and success in Chinese astrology. It is supposed to be the time to invest in things you love and cherish, a year to thrive in career and relationships.

The colours for 2019

Chinese astrology incorporates the five elements (wood, water, fire, earth and metal) in their predictions of the year.

The year 2019 is the time for feminine reflection and creativity, it is the year of the earth pig; earth is a yin sign. As 2019 is predominantly a yin year, wearing red and orange will add yang elements and is said to bring joy and luck into your life.

It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate new possibilities.


We wish you a very happy, healthy and jewel filled Chinese New Year!

House of Ava Team xx


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