Gift Guide: Valentines Day gifts for her

It's that time of the year again, where everyone gets a little gooey eyed and we're right there with you, we all want to spoil our loved one's too and we have just the perfect way for it.

Diamonds are not only a girl's best friend but are the ultimate expression of love. Our Sloane collection has you covered.

It would be helpful to know whether your significant other likes and wears a lot of stud or drop earrings or even better, if they like both but the bonus, no size needed here either. It's always a special feeling to receive earrings; they will always be known for being 'the special earrings', with every compliment or playful touch of the earring, you'll always be remembered.

Bangles and bracelets are great choices too, they are slightly more understated but just as luxurious and thoughtful.

This timeless gift also means you wouldn't need to know the exact size but it would help if you could sneakily borrow a bracelet or a bangle of the person you are intending to buy for as a measuring guide.

Finally a ring; if you are not intending to propose, you can always gift a promise ring to your loved one with your own meaning which you can clarify when gifting the piece or by writing it in the card or letter. The promise ring can stand for 'I will always love you', or a first to showing real commitment and taking the relationship to the next level without saying 'Will you marry me?'. Just remember you'll have to get a little creative to find out the ring size for the person you're buying for.

We hope our run down has helped you narrow down the perfect present. Also, keep a look out for our Valentines Gift Guide coming to our website soon.

Happy gifting!

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