Diamonds really are a girl's best friend

Well we say they can also be a man's best friend too (move over pooch the bling is coming in).

It's no secret we all love diamonds and contrary to past traditions, they can be worn anytime, everyday and they're not reserved for engagement rings or for you to wait for your partner to present them to you for that matter.

Today, jewellery and diamonds are a merit of one's own achievements and accolades, an outward expression of style. They can be personal pieces from a treasured trove holding deep sentiment and or even a gift from a work colleague. What we're saying is there is no limit to the meaning of what a diamond either purchased or gifted can hold.

Diamonds have always been favoured by the elite and nothing has changed here, they still are. They have become only more fabulous and unique. They are now even more accessible, meaning we can now unleash our inner magpies and shop diamonds whenever we like, if you find yourself shopping at 3am, we understand! We need our fix too! Beautiful settings and unique designs fitting your every day, as well as that much coveted party, make diamond jewellery anyone's best friend.

We stay firm in the belief that diamonds are no longer for those one off 'special occasions', everyday is a special occasion in our book and they're not to be lusted after or to be put away anymore. Seize the day and have that once upon a time moment everyday with your diamonds.

See our diamond Sloane collection for the perfect everyday pieces and va va voom evening embellishments. We've got you covered.

Editors Notes:
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