About us

House of Ava began from an idea to create only the most beautiful things a person could possess and would be gratified to adorn.

Being a British brand to the über glamorous, fun-loving and jet-setting lives of the young and elite; each creation from House of Ava is an original and innovative piece of the brand. Forever innovating- we don't believe in settling, therefore we devotedly continue onto the succeeding concepts to bring you only the most luxurious and enchanting desires.

All that we do is born from one simple truth: our absolute love and pleasure of life! As our guests, you are the true initiators of life and we delight in enhancing your moments. We are committed to spreading positivity and wholly advocate social responsibility thereto, we have a clear ethos on using only the finest vegan materials-making sure we protect and preserve nature and only draw inspiration from it.

Our distinctive minimalist style of super sexy clean lines and chic silhouettes compliments our born-a-leader customer; sensually glamorous, confident yet alluringly playful she is boldly empowered in House of Ava's captivating ready-to-wear.

Without further ado, we proudly invite you to have the most delicious and delectable merriment you can ever imagine with the globally inspired, designed in-house in London and meticulously brought to life workings of skilled artisans-The mastery of House of Ava.

If you like what you see and want to know more about our brand, email info@houseofava.co.uk

For press enquires please contact: info@houseofava.co.uk